Subsea Flying Lead Installation Systems

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In 2002, Udeco developed and designed a HFL and EFL arrangement Stolt Offshore for the Scarab / Saffron Field offshore Egypt. The system included flying lead installation frames, landing bases and a local subsea guide wire system (see Flying Lead Frame datasheet). For the same project, Udeco also designed the adjustable tie-in spool fabrication stands. The above-mentioned equipment designs were modularized in order to allow for road transport through Europe. On the Stine project in 2002-2004 Udeco also designed the flying lead installation system that was used from the jack-up drilling rig that competed the subsea installations on the field. In 2007, Udeco developed a low cost and operationally efficient Electrical and Optical Flying Lead installation system. This was the Ubas E ROV basket with multiple flying lead compartments and stacking features. Eight off these stackable ROV baskets were fabricated and delivered to FMC Houston / Chevron for the Abgami subsea field development project (West of Africa). In 2010, Acergy Houston also purchased one off the Ubas E multi-compartment baskets, and six off stackable Hydraulic Flying Lead installation baskets, Ubas F, for the Megi Project (West of Africa). These latter baskets included MQC parking stands that was fast to erect / lay down (i.e. due to basket stacking). The scope of work also included full scale EFL and HFL pull out tests. Udeco has adopted the Ubas rental baskets to include the same features as included in the Ubas E & F purchase baskets. Hence, low cost Ubas ROV rental basket configured for EFL, OFL and HFL installation (single or multiple) are available for hire, and have been used for this purpose on a number of occasions by EMAS, Technip, Ceona and other.

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