Udecom Tie-in Spool System – Single and Multibore Compact Spool

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Prior to forming Udeco, the Udeco personnel had been working in lead engineering positions in Rockwater responsible for among other rigid diverless subsea spool design (first rigid diverless spools in the Norwegian sector), and driverless dual and multibore spools for the Gullfaks South project which were installed in 1998. The first major job performed by Udeco was to develop the design, and assist during fabrication and shallow water test of the Angolan Girassol Field Multibore Subsea Tie-in Spools (Client; FMC). Later the scope also included definition and detail design of the tie-in spool fabrication jigs, as well as a Girassol field layout and optimization study considering flowbases, standard tie-in spools and optional use of Udecom spools. In the period from 1998-2001 Udeco also performed a number of tie-in and connection studies for FMC. Based on the extensive tie-in and connection experience gained by the Udeco personnel, Udeco initiated the development of the compact and ‘flexible’ Udecom rigid tie-in spool system in year 2000 (6” to 30” tie-in spools, single or multibore). This system could accommodate the commonly used connection system, or alternatively could include a simpler and lower cost connection system. The system includes an integrated spool protection and lifting frame. A number of actual field application studies for this spool system were performed. With the assistance and support of a fabricator, a full scale 10”, 345 bar multibore spool was fabricated and tested in 2001. The measured stroking force was only 600kg for a 0,5m stroke. Furthermore, when compared to a standard 10” Z-shaped tie-in spool, the Udecom spool overall size is approx. 55-60% smaller (diagonal distance from connector to connector). The work performed showed that the system has significant cost reduction potential, and considerable operational advantages that could among other reduce offshore installation requirements and durations. See datasheet for further information.

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