ROV Basket with Subsea PLR / Test / Commissioning Manifold – Rental

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In 2014 Udeco ‘developed’ the rental Subsea ROV Basket that included PLR / test / commissioning manifold arrangement for the client Technip. The 3” system included HP piping and valves, flowmeter, pressure gauge, HP hose, stab, stab receptacle, hose stab parking, hose handling arrangement, Ubag balancing weight and ROV panel. The piping, tees and valves were hammer union type. Halliburton also hired the same arrangement in 2015 (Aasgard compression project). The arrangement included all interface parts and valve operators required for ROV operation of the manifold, and all parts required for mounting of the manifold in the rental basket. The 3” hose stab parking receptacle (generic type) developed for this work included a locking gate with a new passive spring loaded locking feature (no ROV operation required) that prevented the locking gate from unintentionally open or close due to mechanical movement during installation / retrieval . The 3” HP hose (20m) handling arrangement was based on using a pennant wire with a hose guide/ hang off loop included in it. In cooperation with the hammer union piping and valve supplier, Udeco are providing similar subsea manifold arrangement, including required design, for hire. See datasheet for further information.

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