Ucross – Sea Line Protection, Crossing and Support System

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The Ucross System includes the following:

  • Dropped object protection covers for sea lines.
  • Crossing cover for sea lines.
  • Elevated subsea deck / platform.

With short delivery time covers are available for hire (temporary use) or purchase in case of permanent installation.

The protection covers provides dropped object protection in accordance with Norsok Standard U-001, 5 kJ / 10 cm diameter and 20 kJ / 50 cm diameter dropped objects, and do not need any rock-dump to function. This video link shows a 1200kg weight (0.5m dia.) being dropped onto the cover from a height of 1.8m.

The covers and units have a low weight in water and can be moved and positioned using an ROV. They are also suitable for soft seabed application as they include integrated mud mats. The size of the mud mats can be varied.

Subsea Mattress System

Ucross Protection Cover

Dropped object protection cover for flowlines, umbilical’s, flying leads and jumpers, tie-in and tie-in spools / jumpers with an outside diameter up to 12” / 324mm. This also includes near and under platform protection in areas that is not directly accessible from a surface lift vessel (i.e. covers are positioned by an ROV). Furthermore, covers will provide temporary protection of sea lines during subsea intervention including drilling rig operations, or in the cases where there are crossing of anchor lines or sea line installation start-up/ lay down wires.

A modularized system available as straight sections (3.7m and 1.8m), left/right angled sections (90, 45 and 30 degrees) and T-sections.

The cover includes two integrated mud mat sections which can be varied in size / width.

Additional weight can be added to the covers by ROV installed Ubags.

For ROV movement and positioning, the covers includes a four leg Ufist lifting bridle and two of Ufist ROV handles type D. The latter is also used for deployment and recovery of the covers.

Datasheet is available on request.

Ucross Sea Line Crossing Cover

The Ucross sea line crossing cover is a protection cover that has been provided with sloping sides (29 degrees). The cover includes two integrated mud mats each with a width of 1.22m. Lengths are 3.7m or 1.8m.

The internal height / width of the cover is 0.54m / 0.74m. For cable crossings, low profile covers can be provided (internal height / width is 0.36m/0.74m).

The dry weights & weight in seawater are 719 kg dry / 213 kg wet (3.7m long crossing cover) & 382 kg dry / 111 kg wet (1.8m short crossing cover).

For additional stabilisation and smooth transition of crossing sea lines, ROV installable multi cylinder Ubags can be placed on the cover.

The cover is provided with a lifting interface each end (Ufist ROV handle type D).

Datasheet is available on request.

Subsea Mattress System

Ucross Elevated Subsea Platform / Deck

The Ucross Protection cover units interlock to each other when placed on the seabed by the ROV. This arrangement works both in the longitudinal as well as in the transverse direction. This feature permit the covers to be interconnected to form an elevated subsea deck/ platform on which subsea equipment can be placed. In this case the cover bottom will include an integrated mud mat with the same size as the cover.

The cover is provided with a lifting interface each end (Ufist ROV handle type D).

If positioned with ROV the cover will include a four leg Ufist ROV lifting bridle that will be released by the ROV after use / cover positioning.