Related to products and rental equipment Udeco provide services such as:

  • Provision of transport, handling and outline installation procedures for rental equipment.
  • Configuration of equipment to suit specific requirements.
  • Design, fabrication and installation of interface equipment.
  • Testing of equipment and / or procedures.
  • Preparation / loading of client supplied equipment (e.g. loading flying leads).
Ubas - ROV baskets

Udeco has extensive fabrication and testing experience related to subsea equipment such as:

  • Fabricated structures.
  • Mechanical and machined parts.
  • Subsea tools and installation equipment.
  • Subsea units that includes hydraulics.
  • Testing of subsea equipment.

All fabrication and testing services provided by Udeco are based on formalized, qualified and approved procedures and fabrication processes.

All Udeco deliverables are accompanied by a full documentation package including client specific documentation requirements.

Information sheets relating to fabrication and testing services are available on request